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MailBlastGoogle Suggest Crawler | Bulk Artilce Downloader | Bulk Spinner | Bulk Upload to WP Sites | All in one

Extract Google Suggest

Google Suggest

MailBlastExtracts Google Suggest with monthly hits from a single keyword. It's as easy as 1..2..3..

Downloads Articles by Auto Pilot

Saves 90% of your time

MailBlastIt supports both paid and free spinner to spin your downloaded articles

Low Price


MailBlastThe price is as low as $50/year/pc. All updates are free. 24x7 support around the whole year by various means.


Pearly Gates Digital Magnet
The best way to create and upload articles to wordpress sites at no time and price
Make money online if you can. Actually this is not a hard job if you do some study and spend few hours a day. There is a lot of potential fields from which one can earn money from home.  So running blogs is one the most efficient ways making money. If you have good articles with relevant subject you can bring traffic which can become the source of your income.
But the problem is creating unique articles regularly and in a cost effective way. How many articles you can write a day? How many you can upload? 50? 100? May be 100. But how many days? After 7 days you will find yourself tired of this. Or if you decide to have them written through outsourcing it cost you a lot of money per day. So isn’t this a real problem producing huge no of articles for your own site? …And of course if you’re someone want to earn money writing articles, what will you do? Write 20/30 articles a day? How much will that bring for you?
I found a software named “DigitalMagnet” which does an amazing thing for this sole purpose. It does the following things as I found-

  1. You put a keywords  like “SEO” and it will extract 10 Google suggest keywords instantly from Google. If you choose to extract recursively, it will go for the second level to search with each keyword found in the first level. This it will crawl for a lot numbers of keywords in a few second. This portion is very important, because you don’t which keywords are competitive are effective for your site to get traffic with.
  2. The software than extract articles from 3 major article directories based on the keyword you select . And you can define how many articles to download from each keyword.  The software will download each article and will spin with “The best spinner” or “SpinnerChief” as you choose to work with. Finally it will save the spun version with lots of synonyms along with the original version in text file automatically created.
  3. The software will then create unique articles from the spun version with synonyms which looks like this “Maverick {Money|Cash|Funds|Income|Dollars|Capital}”. So there is a huge potential to create unique articles to pass copyspace. The software then uploads the unique article to your selected WordPress sites.

From extracting keywords to uploading to WordPress sites takes 10 minutes if you decided to work with 10-15 articles per session.
So this is really a time and money saving software to run your blogs perfectly with more and more new articles which definitely will bring more and more traffic to let you boost up income.
This is an efficient way to extract google suggest in a few seconds and the extract articles from, and based on those keywords. The software also spins articles and downloads a huge no of synonyms for each words found in each article. And later on from this very software you can let the software create unique articles from the spun version with synonym rich article and upload them to your wordpress sites. This is best software online to create extract google keywords, extract artcilec, spin articles and upload to your sites in almost no time and at almost no cost.

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